Electronic messaging has always been pseudonymous and hasn’t evolved since the first message was sent online in 1969.

Sadly this pseudonymity has led to online abuses, SCAM and SPAM, all of which continue to eat away at the credibility of electronic messaging and render it less and less trustworthy.

Scam has led to theft of funds for its victims, while Spam has led to loss of revenue and productivity for individuals and businesses, that either continue to lose legitimate business opportunities because they mistakenly flag and delete genuine emails as spam, or waste vast amounts of time daily, sifting through their inboxes to separate genuine emails from spam.

I have spent a great deal of time over the past decade, pondering on how best to re-invent messaging for the 21st century.

SOLUTION - Eliminate Pseudonymity in Online Communication

LetterBox solves these issues by tying user profiles to their legal names and postal addresses, and verifying these by requiring all users to provide a legal proof-of-address at signup for account activation.

Introducing LetterBox

It gives me great pleasure to formally announce the launch of LetterBox today.

LetterBox is a revolutionary new messaging application that enables people and businesses, to communicate with one another, only after they have verified their full names and postal addresses.

Thus, Letterbox introduces trust, for the first time, into electronic messaging.

In addition to messaging, LetterBox users will also be able to send and receive money peer-to-peer, and pay for everyday goods and services such as food, utility bills and more, all in Multicoin (MTCN).

As the Multicoin is an Ethereum blockchain-based ERC-20 cryptocurrency, LetterBox users do not need bank accounts for payments. This is especially handy for the 1.7 Billion unbanked adults across the world, that have no bank accounts, and have thus far, been excluded from online commerce.

It isn’t far fetched to imagine a future where LetterBox becomes the de facto legal way to communicate, replacing both text messages and emails.

Welcome to the future of messaging, welcome to LetterBox.

Founder, LetterBox

LetterBox was developed by Monaco-based MOM Foundation.

Fun Facts about LetterBox