The revolutionary new way to
message real people at places

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What are the benefits of messaging with LetterBox?

Communicate with verified contacts and businesses worldwide because all users are verified by their real names and postal addresses.

Message your neighbours on communal issues. Throwing a party next weekend? One tap notifies all your neighbours.

Send and receive money peer-to-peer, without a bank account.

Send and receive letters end-to-end electronically, without the need to print, making you environmentally-friendly and carbon neutral.

Invite your contacts to
LetterBox and earn


When they activate their LetterBoxes.


What is LetterBox?

LetterBox is a mobile application that enables you to message real people at real places. Put differently, LetterBox is the world's only messaging application where all its users are verified by their full names and postal addresses.

How do I get started with LetterBox?

Download the app, Sign up and verify your physical address to activate your LetterBox and start messaging.

Where does LetterBox store user data?

Today, all LetterBox user data are stored on our dedicated servers in the European Union. In the near future, all LetterBox user data will be decentralised and stored on the blockchain using Interplanetary File System (IPFS)